As with just about everything in life, there are pros and cons to anything we have or do in life – and that goes for those of us who are working from home too (or want to work from home). 

What are the benefits of working from home?

Working from home has some nice benefits, and when properly leveraged, the pros or benefits can far outweigh any negatives typically associated with working from home. These are the benefits that I’ve found after working from home for some time:

First, it allows our schedule to be flexible to better balance work responsibilities with personal life – basically allowing you to take your kids to school and make it to your doctors appointment without shame or guilt from management (or worse, coworkers). 

Second, you’re removed from the office gossip and politics because you’re not there to listen to the churning rumor mill. Being out of sight and out of mind allows you to focus more on the work you’re tasked with and less about what the water cooler talking points are.

Third, you’re not micromanaged or guilted for not being at your desk working overtime to show your dedication to the company or the project.

Fourth, If you’re self-employed, you control how much money you’re able to make.

What are the negatives of working from home? 

This is where I’d say things can go sour for some people in their attempt to work from home. Working from home requires a lot of work/life balance and discipline to ensure the work is getting done, but not so much work that you’re neglecting other areas of your life: 

First, you have to manage your own time to get projects done. Mostly, you can’t sleep in everyday… work half a day… and hope to be productive, much less trusted with other projects/responsibilities. 

Second, if you’re a social butterfly – working from home might not be the solution for you because you’re on your own the majority of the day.

Third, if you’re self-employed, you need to be concerned about taxes, other liabilities, and insurance in addition to everything else you’ll be concerned about in running a business.

What are some work from home job ideas? 

Depending on where we are at in life, there might be a moment when working from home would be the best solution, despite any pros and cons you’ll need to address along the way. Here are some relatively easy gigs you can learn and confidently offer to potential clients:

  1. Freelance Writer
  2. Proof reader
  3. Virtual Book Keeper
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. Virtual Assistant
  6. Sell on Etsy

The better you’re able master any skill, the more you’ll be able to do efficiently and be more successful in the long run.  

In Summary

Working from home has some great benefits so long as you’re able to navigate and handle the less desirable aspects of working from home. Some companies offer remote positions or are equipped to allow their employees to work from home – which might be the perfect mix from some people because they don’t need to worry about the business side of working from home, but can still maintain the flexibility in your schedule for the most part. 

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