In trying to connect the dots in my life, I’ve often felt like I’ve been all over the place. When I look back, it’s to no wonder it looks like a straight line.

July 2012

Bachelors Degree in Web Design & Development.

September 2012

First Job.
Moved to Boise, ID to start work at my first ‘grown-up’ job. Feeling rich as ever coming out of college and honestly spending like crazy because I had money!

$48,000/year – Salary. No benfits package.

May 2013

How To Budget.
A few months before, I was denied a home loan because my debt-to-income ratio was too high. I began to look into “how to budget” and understand what my financial status really was. It was a start, but a slow start.

September 2013

Laid Off.
I was handed a severance package with the explanation the business could no longer afford to pay me. That there just wasn’t any other way they could find to keep me.

Still trying to figure out how to budget. No real progress towards getting out of debt or budgeting.

October 2013

A friend’s family business was looking for extra work. Hired to work on their website and other design projects. I took this job out of pure desperation of not having an income to pay bills.

$33,000/year – Hourly. Basic Medical Insurance package.

December 2013

Traded-in Car.
I loved my VW Jetta, but I traded in that car for an older used car to lower my car payment for 2 reasons.
1. I couldn’t afford the payment anymore.
2. I was getting really close to having a budget and plan to pay off student loans that needed the extra money. 

March 2014

Let’s Do This.
This was a big month. I decided to take the leap and get out of debt. I had an established budget to live within and took $4,700 out of savings and put it towards my largest student loan.

To say I felt broke. Or overwhelmed by the daunting task is probably a huge understatement. 

September 2015

Truly blind-sided. Showed up to work at 7:45am, like normal. By 7:50 I was let go. 

I qualified for Unemployment Insurance which was a blessing and kept me afloat for the next 7 months until money ran out.

$398/week (~$9,900). No benefits. 

January 2016

Paid Off Wells Fargo Loan.
This was my largest loan. Total paid, including interest, was $36,388. Pretty thrilled with this accomplishment, but there is still more road to travel.

March 2016

Moved to Utah.
For lack of a better idea or opportunity in Boise, ID.

May 2016

After 64 job applications and half a dozen interviews in Utah, I was finally offered a job. It came at a really great time because my Unemployment Insurance ran out. I had no more income and still had my student loans.

$53,000/year – Salary. Full Benefits. Unlimited PTO. 

June 2016

Debt Free!
Talk about a surreal feeling. I paid off the last of my student loans. With my new job, I decided to take the rest of my savings ($4,800), and just be done! Truly have a fresh start at something not worrying about this.

This timeline is nice, and helps put things in a bit of perspective. However, it doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story or the rest of the story. Be sure to check out my blog for more, and most certainly my eBook where I go into a lot more detail about my journey, lessons learned, and other tips to help you on your own road to financial freedom.

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