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Author: Dustin Olsen
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The Overcoming Dream Crushing Debt eBook is written in two parts. The first part walks through you the importance of budgeting and how you can easily setup your own budget using Mint.com with actionable items to help you create your own plan of getting out of debt. When I set out to create a budget of my own, I couldn’t find a resource that walked me through how to get the most out of Mint.com or how to effectively set limits on my spending. A lot of that was trial and error. A lot of that was months and months of trying to think through a process that made sense to me.

To help save you some time on all the thinking of how this all comes together, I walk you through step-by-step of what needs to be done.

The second part guides you through my journey of all of this. I didn’t wake up one day and decide to try budgeting for a change. No, in fact, I was nearly forced into living the budgeted lifestyle after losing my job. I had to reconcile years of poor spending habits and my approach to “available money”. I don’t share my story with you to earn your pity, but rather as a way of letting you know that getting out of debt is possible even when life seems to be against you.

This book is for anyone, at any level, looking to regain control their finances and get out of debt.
To everyone who reads this book – I hope that you’re able to learn at least one thing that will make all the difference for you. Through my experiences of budgeting and getting out of debt, I hope that you’re able to more quickly put into practice the principles that took me months and months to fully understand, but ones that have continued to propel me forward all the way to that final loan payment and beyond.
What you’re about to read in this book was real life and the lessons I learned through the sacrifice of eliminating debt. It is no secret that life never goes the way that way we plan and those who are truly successful at life are those who have mastered their reactions to everything thrown their way. This book is a compilation of my own opinions about life, money management and the process of becoming debt free.
In a nutshell, this is my story of how I survived dream crushing student loan debt.

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1 review for Overcoming Dream Crushing Debt eBook

  1. Grace

    This book talks about the journey of the author of getting out of debt and how he approached what seemed like massive debt, where he started, what steps he took, and how he reached his goal. The book has actionable items that can relate to anyone who feels overwhelmed by their debt whatever it may be. I appreciated how candid and transparent he is in the book with his journey and how to apply it to yourself.

    The book is written in 2 segments, the first walking you through actionable items of how to set up a plan of getting out of debt and following through. The 2nd part goes into better detail of his story and really pulls the entire book together with his hardships of tackling such a massive amount of debt on his own and his triumph of accomplishing what he calls Dream Crushing Debt.

    This is a book for everyone at any level of budgeting and debt if they will apply it to their own circumstances. It’s a book I’ll recommend to others not only for how to get out of debt, but how to put a budget into effect and stick with it for better financial freedom.

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