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    Which formats does it come in?
    The eBook is available as a PDF through the website. It will also be available for eReaders such as: Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.
    How many other eBooks do you have?
    We currently just have the one eBook available. If you suggestions for future books, please send us a message.
    Can I read it on my tablet or phone?
    You can read PDFs on your tablet or phone. However, the experience will probably be best on either a tablet or desktop.

    Social Media

    Are you on YouTube?
    Are you on Twitter?
    What are your other social media profiles?
    We don’t have any other setup, but as we do, you’ll find links to them in the footer.

    Is it safe to use with my banks?
    Yes! All Mint does is download recent transactions. You cannot transfer money in anyway. You cannot see any type of account information. Just your transactions.
    Who makes is brought to us (for free) by Intuit. The creators of TurboTax and Quickbooks.
    Do you only use, or do you use something else too?
    Mint is the only online service that I use to do my budgeting, everything else calculated using spreadsheets.
    Can I use my own budgeting app?
    You sure can! Especially if that’s what works for you. The reason I use Mint is because it connects to my banks and automatically imports transactions. If I had to that on my own… I wouldn’t have a debt-free story to tell.

    Getting Started

    I have so much debt, where do I start?
    The biggest thing is you have to change your mindset of what you can, and cannot do. You have to have can do attitude.
    Then, I would probably put all yout focus and energy on your largest loan or your loan with the highest interest rate.
    I can't cut back on anything. Can I still do this?
    With the right attitude, and the willingness to sacrifice just a little bit more – I’d say anthing is possible. But you have to want it badly enough to decide you can do without a few things to achieve your goal of getting out of debt.

    Step-by-Step Guide

    How to Become Debt Free

    Follow these steps and start to take control of your future and discover your dreams again.

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