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The One Thing I Would Do Differently

When I was growing up, and more memorably in high school, after completing something that was a big deal to me my dad would always ask me, what would I do differently for next time? I came to better understand his question as, “Now that you have had the experience,...

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Car Buying Tip: Research Known Issues

It’s no secret that car shopping is exhausting, especially when we have a list of criteria we want our car to have. Leather seats, push button start, 3rd-row seating, and so on. Then, because we are being budget conscious, we set a price limit on what are dream car...

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Car Buying Tip: Don’t Roll Negative Equity

Rolling negative equity is probably the biggest rookie mistake I’ve seen from inexperienced car buyers (who think they are experienced because they’ve bought so many cars).  No matter which way you look at it, when you bought your car, you agreed to pay a certain...

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How to Get the Best Auto Loan Rate at the Car Dealer

Getting a new car is exciting, but in the heat of the moment, when the pressure is on, we might draw a blank and miss our opportunity to negotiate a lower interest rate on our auto loan when discussing the numbers.  When there’s competition, everyone is willing...

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How To Do Your Own Spending Freeze

When I hear of a spending freeze, it makes me think that everything has to be locked up tight! Because we’ve heard of freezes before: Hiring Freeze, Account Freeze, Credit Freeze, and etc. There’s usually this negative association we’ve learned over the years that...

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The Difference Between Being Frugal And Cheap

There really is difference between a cheap and frugal person, although there is some (actually, there is a lot) of confusion on being able to identify which camp you or someone you know falls into. When someone calls me “cheap,” I get defensive because at the root of...

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How To Make Your Paycheck Stretch

When I think of stretching my paycheck, it basically means I’ve got to find a way of doing more with less. And getting the most out of each paycheck (because simply finding a higher paying job isn’t as easy as it sounds) forces us to get creative with how we allocate...

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Learn How To Stop Fighting About Money

What couples fight about most?  You won’t have to look very far to discover that everyone is fighting about money. The subject of money is often the second most common tension causing element in any relationship - right behind sex. Divulging any information at...

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How do you budget your money the 50/20/30 rule?

What Is the 50/20/30 Rule? In Senator Elizabeth Warren's book: “All Your Worth: The Ultimate Lifetime Money Plan” - she broke down a budget into 3 main areas, or categories, and taught that this basic budgeting concept would do well for all Americans. In other words...

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Why I never used the envelope budget system

I was first introduced to the envelope budget system after listen to Dave Ramsey's book and many of his podcasts on financial freedom and debt-free screams. Don't get me wrong here, I think the envelope budget system makes a lot of sense, but it didn't make sense for...

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10 Tips to Having A Life While Paying Off Debt

When you start focusing all of your attention and energy towards paying off your debt, you might find yourself sacrificing more than you realize. This realization didn’t come to me until I was sitting up to the breakfast bar in my grandmother’s kitchen  when I...

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Why I Use Vanguard For Personal Investing

My first two jobs out of college didn’t provide any type of retirement package or benefit. Which means, I never took it upon myself to setup a retirement account to start saving for the distant future. My young and naive self just never dialed into the urgency of...

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Which Credit Cards I Use And Why

I feel as if there are a ridiculous amount of different credit card options out there, and I’m not even referring to the different tiers of credit cards you sign up for. There are websites dedicated to pointing out which ones are the best, and which ones have the best...

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Why I Still Would Have Taken Out Student Loans

Going through the process of paying off my student loans was probably one of the most challenging things I’ve done mentally. I felt like I was climbing a mountain that I was never going to reach the top because the peak kept moving further and further away.  On...

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The Easiest Way to Track Your Spending

In this modern world we live in, there are countless solutions available to budget and track spending. Seriously, it’s amazing what is available out there for us to take control of our finances, however, there is one major drawback with 90% what I’ve looked...

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Why You Should Save Monthly For Annual Bills

I don’t think I’m too far off in saying that person’s typical M.O. (mode of operating) when it comes to adulting and paying for bills to take them as they as come. Which means that there are going to be some pretty expensive months when a few of our annual bills come...

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