If you’re in a situation anything like mine, the side-hustle we do is truly a game changer. A game changer in the sense that it’s bringing in just enough extra money that we are able to achieve goals and dreams in half the time without putting so much burden on our monthly paycheck. In fact, a side-hustle for me alleviated so much financial stress because I wasn’t trying to get my paycheck to stretch further than it realistically could go. It allowed me to do more, with less. 

Besides, having a side-hustle is a much better use of our free time than a constant Netflix and chill. 

What if I don’t have a side hustle?

Finding a side-hustle can be difficult, especially when your skillset doesn’t immediately lend itself to a simple service you can offer. However, in today’s world of internet and smartphones, making money on the side has truly never been easier… or at the very least, convenient. 

Here are 5 side-hustle ideas:

  1. Fill out surveys SurveyJunkies, Inboxsurveys, etc. – Use your free time on your phone to earn some cash by filling out surveys. Companies pay money (or some other incentive) just learn more about a specific demographics. 
  2. Deliver Food to people (Uber Eats, Grubhub, etc) or Pizza Delivery – This should be a low stress option too. Drive around picking up food for people and delivering it to them. The real money to be earned will be through tips. You could expand your driving network and do Uber or Lyft when you have time. 
  3. Dog Walker, Dog Sitter, Yard Work, Tree trimming, window washing, curb painting, etc – I’m convinced there is money to made with these summer type jobs. Seriously, with the right equipment and marketing, you could take your neighborhood by storm with a good service offering.
  4. Sell on Facebook Marketplace. downsize what you don’t need – Selling your own stuff is great, however, if you have a knack for it, you can offer it as a service to others for a percentage of the selling price.
  5. Cut monthly expenses – Don’t use as much AC, or wear sweatshirts during the winter.  Every little bit counts. You’d be surprised by how this can be someone’s biggest money maker – cutting back on things you don’t need.

Be sure to check out our podcast episodes where we go into greater detail with our side-hustle series. 

Money Making Summary

Having a side-hustle can make a really big difference every month in generating the extra money you need to reach your goals faster. What you do is up to you, but there is no longer an excuse of not having anything you can do. The internet and smart phones have changes the landscape of what’s possible. 

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