Struggling to create a budget and get. out of debt?

You’re not the only one. Ask me how I know.
It took me nearly a year to figure it all out and actually start budgeting and taking control of my financial future.

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Learn How To Stop Fighting About Money

What couples fight about most?  You won’t have to look very far to discover that everyone is fighting about money. The subject of money is often the second most common tension causing element in any relationship - right behind sex. Divulging any information at...

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The Secret To Getting Out of Average American Debt

When I was looking at getting out of debt, I was depressed at how long it would take and I started an intense research to find that hidden gem, that needle in a haystack, that best kept secret carelessly tossed out into the internet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find...

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How to Afford Just About Anything While On A Budget

Being able to afford just about anything while on a budget seems like a dream, in the impossible sort of way. Budgets are often avoided because no one likes to feel like they are limited or confined. They want their money to feel free like it belongs to a nudist...

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Dustin. A Debt Survivor.

Not only did I get out of debt – I did it while being laid off… Twice!
Want to learn how I did it? I’ve got budgeting strategies and money management tips so you can be successful too!


Of Debt



2 Years

to Debt Free!

Student Loans

My debt comprised almost entirely of student loans. Both private and government.

Income Streams

I had my full-time job paychecks – but I started donating plasma and photographing engagments and weddings.

Time to Payoff

It took me 2 years and 3 months to pay off my loans. The time it takes you will vary based on loan amounts, interest rates, and extra payment amounts.

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